Тактична медицина та медичне забезпечення

Project “Tactical medicine and medical support”

The slogan of tactical medicine is the right action at the right time!

In the context of military aggression on the territory of Ukraine, the problem of protection has become very urgent.

Timely provision of qualified first aid and timely evacuation from the battlefield saves the life and health of a soldier.

Every day, the defenders of Ukraine need to be provided with full-fledged first aid kits, according to the modern standard of military tactical medicine. Equally important for the rescue of defenders is the full provision of the military medical unit with all the necessary means. From medicines to specialized equipment and tools and even devices that help to save lives, treat the wounded and perform complex rehabilitation measures.


Project implementation algorithm:

Preparing requests from defenders and combat medics for tactical medical support

Fundraising, search for benefactors

Acquisition of necessary supplies, equipment, tools, etc.

Transfer according to requests, with further logistics as needed

Public reporting on the implementation of the project stages

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