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Foundation “Gurtom UA” was established by a public activist Viktoriia Volynets in Ukraine, 2022.  

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Viktoriia has been actively involved in helping a specialized medical center with which she was already familiar and cooperated in some projects. Like many Ukrainian refugees she was forced to go abroad and ended up in Ireland. Continuing to actively help combat medics, she received a request for an armored ambulance. A difficult search for organizations and benefactors who could help in this matter began. One of those who responded was the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland (AURI). Within 12 days, an armored specialized ambulance of Pinzgauer brand was found and purchased. Additionally, the vehicle was equipped with medical equipment and medicines. Despite the difficult logistics and documentation, the vehicle was delivered to Ukraine in early July. Now, this ambulance successfully works for victory and saves lives of our soldiers from the front line every day.

She continued to actively cooperate with the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland and joined the medical project team.

After returning home, Viktoriia could not stop volunteering and stay away from the urgent needs of defenders and civilians. During her stay in Ireland, she gained experience in volunteering and organizing processes, developed a network of contacts, so she continued to help the military and civilians as the founder and president of the Foundation “Gurtom UA”.

The Foundation brings together progressive, talented, caring people and organizations from all over the world to work together in humanitarian, medical and cultural areas, fundraising and providing various assistance to victims of Russian military aggression.

“While organizing the search, fundraising and sending the first armored ambulance to Ukraine, I realized that I would never have been able to do it on my own. Only uniting the efforts of different people and organizations can bring tangible results. Unity around common goals gives projects superpower”, – Viktoriia Volynets.

The main partner of the Foundation “Gurtom UA” is the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland (AURI).


We unite like-minded people to strengthen protection, assistance and rehabilitation of Ukrainian military and civilians.


In the face of Russia’s full-scale invasion, volunteers, organizations and ordinary people are working daily to provide and protect military, civilians and those affected by the war.

The main goals of our Foundation are:

– contributing to the defense capability, protection and rehabilitation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the implementation and comprehensive support of assistance programs;

– providing assistance to the civilian population in various ways;

– promoting the implementation of state, regional and local programs aimed at improving the socio-economic situation and rehabilitation of civilians and military personnel in Ukraine.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation creates various projects and cooperates on existing projects with organizations in Ukraine and worldwide that support Ukraine’s path to independence, peace, democracy and prosperity.



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