Who are the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland

Хто такі Association of Ukrainians in Republic of Ireland
  • AURI is a public organization established by Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland since 2008. They were engaged in cultural and educational projects before the full-scale invasion. However, as a result of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the organization expanded the tasks of its charitable activities and focused on solving humanitarian tasks, including the purchase and distribution of medical aid in Ireland and Ukraine.

  • That's why two projects were created for: Palyanytsya Charity Center - Dublin together with Ruslan Mocharskyi is a humanitarian hub for the needs of immigrants, where you can get free clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene products and other basic necessities; Medical Help Ukraine with the support of the HSE and David Hall, Director General of Ambulances, a group of six doctors from Ukraine who work in Irish healthcare and receive donations for purchase of medical and surgical equipment and ambulances for Ukraine.

  • February 24 to September 2022, AURI and the Medical Help Ukraine project have been collecting monetary donations in the amount of more than 1 million 300 thousand euros, and if we include the value of donated items the total will reach 15-20 million euros. With this aid, a lot of medical equipment was sent to Ukraine - more than 10 ventilators, devices for improving healing with consumables, apparatus for Vacuum-Assisted Closure of a Wound; First aid kits and all necessary first aid items, monitors, ultrasound machines, devices for operating rooms, bronchoscopes, gastroscopes, and much more; 37 ambulances were purchased and sent. All ambulances have portable stretchers, a defibrillator, access to oxygen supply and were checked for serviceability; Tourniquets, gowns, masks, special food, devices, wheelchairs, dressing materials, anti-burn materials, operating kits, disinfectants and also various medical instruments and consumables etc. An armored specialized ambulance of Pinzgauer ambulance was also purchased, which currently helps our combat medics on the front lines to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield to the hospital on time, quickly and safely. Armored Landrover 4x4 also help in evacuation operations at the front.

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