Ми отримали велику кількість гуманітарної допомоги від наших партнерів «Асоціація українців в Республіці Ірландія»

Friends, today we are happy to share good news with you.

We received a large amount of humanitarian aid from our partners “Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland”. Special thanks to Ruslan Mocharskyi, to the Palianytsia project and to everyone who participated in the collection of aid. We are sincerely grateful to them, because we understand how many needy people we can provide with the necessary things.

We will show a more detailed overview of humanitarian aid later. The cargo is now in the warehouse in Przemyśl

ZLATATRANS Sp. z o. o.

536 526 720


and will soon be delivered to Ukraine in the near future. We thank Oleksandr for accepting our cargo!

We express our gratitude for the purchase of NISSAN NAVARA LONGWAYDOWN EXPEDITION for the needs of our defenders.

The car is already traveling on the territory of Ukraine and will be delivered to its destination very soon. We know exactly that this car will be on the front line to advance the victory we dream of and will help the combat medics to be mobile when they save the lives of our soldiers!

One nation, one spirit – unite to victory! 💙💛

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