Project “4х4”

Ukrainian land is full of brave Cossack spirit that lives in each of us. Together we defend our land from invaders, together we do everything to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army and bring victory closer. One of the greatest needs of the country’s defenders, in addition to weapons, is in vehicles to ensure rapid mobility. The project “4×4” is designed to provide combat medics and soldiers with the necessary means of transportation to save the lives and health of defenders and bring victory closer. To quickly move and change the positions of soldiers to reduce the likelihood of enemy shells.

Our goal is to provide as many defenders as possible with vehicles.

Project implementation algorithm:

Search for the right car on the basis of purchase or charitable donation.

Technical inspection, if necessary, elimination of deficiencies and maintenance.

Legal support.

Transfer of a car to the balance of a military or medical unit.

Public reporting on the work done.

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