In many regions, a beautiful and snowy winter has already arrived, and in the east and south of our country, instead of snow, there is water and mud everywhere, which turn the clothes and shoes of our defenders into a wet and cold trap.
All our defenders have an incredible need for high-quality warm shoes, and especially in forests, trenches and dugouts.

That’s why we are opening “Collection on boots” from the Ukrainian manufacturer Bistfor 🇺🇦

Everyone knows that when the feet are warm and dry, the soldiers will be healthy and will perform the operational tasks.

100 pairs of boots for our defenders

🎯Target: 233,000.00 ₴

Let’s help our titans because our restful sleep and productive working day are now resting on their shoulders!

Join us, every contribution matter!

One nation, one spirit – unite to victory!


Благодійний збір коштів на берці українського виробництва для наших Захистників

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